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You can only shoot at up to p, 30fps. There are no high frame rate or 4K options, and no software stabilization either. The front camera can take great images. After all, it uses a reasonably large, high-res sensor.

1. Reduce display brightness level

This becomes an issue when shooting indoors, even in fairly bright rooms. Only about one in five images looks entirely sharp. You can apply background blurring with selfies. This works reasonably well, although the level of blur is set, and not that dramatic. Click here to see the full resolution image. Current page: Battery life and camera. Image 1 of 7 The phone decided the stage is what matters, and radically overexposed almost everything else. Image 4 of 7 Give the A6 time to focus and you can take some lovely nature close-ups.

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Extend battery life

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Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ : 10 Tips to Extend Your Battery Life Now

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How can I optimise and extend the battery life on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Empire Scientific 1. What causing the overheating? Thanks for speaking your mind and have a good day. Love,light and peace, CJ. I cant use my phone on texting and calling even if i have load,cant use internet unless i have wifi,i donth think it cant read my sim network cause it display on the menu if its smart sun or globe My cell don't ring and I don't get text messages only if i'm talking on the cell, been dealing with this for 11 days now.

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  8. Really need help. Anonymous, 26 Oct It's pretty decent phone for the price.

    2. Close, disable or uninstall unused Apps

    The major issue - either OS cannot be upgrades to mo I did it and it is debloated, has 6gb of space available, and it runs pretty fast i can run GTA: San Andreas with no problems. I am in sierra Leone. You are going to have to buy an unlock pin, which will let you use any provider.

    Looking after your battery

    This phone absolutely fucking sucks. I'm actually typing this from my SGL and had to retype 8 words already because of the cramped keyboard.