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The phone measures x The E72 seems like it was carved specifically to fit into a shirt pocket, let alone a purse of something along these lines. The E71's trademark details, such as a chromed metal strip running around the casing, metal battery cover, haven't gone anywhere, but some things have changed drastically.

First thing you come across is the 3. On top of that the E72 boasts an audio chip, much like most of Nokia's other state-of-the-art offerings, allowing for superior sound quality - compared to the E71, the E72 is miles ahead on this front. Also here is the power button, whose color has been changed from red to silver - even though the early prototypes of the E72 had red buttons, the new variant goes well together with the casing. The E72 will be available in three colors - Zodium black, Metal grey and Topaz brown.

While I do like all three versions, I really think it could have used a white edition too, as it looked stunning with the E Housed on the left-hand side is the memory card slot along with the microUSB socket. The Nokia E72 doesn't have rubber stubs - instead there are a several plastic flaps linked to the casing. Personally, I didn't experience any problems with the E71's plugs, but some users tended to tear them off, so Nokia decided to change this element.

On the right there are two volume buttons as well as the Voice key. At the bottom there is the lanyard eyelet and 2mm charger slot. Another thing that has changed is the loudspeaker grill that has been moved from the top end to the back side. It'd seem that this relocation would make the E72's ringtones sound worse, but thanks to the fact that the camera module protrudes from the casing a bit, it sounds even a tad better. The Nokia E72's display is housed under a cover glass, and sitting right on top of it are the forward-facing camera plus the ambient light sensor manages the backlight level of the screen and keypad.

The E72 employs exactly the same display as its predecessor, although due the fact that the ambient light sensor works in a slightly different manner, it may seem that Nokia have done something about it. The E72 utilizes a 2. It manages to output a pretty decent picture quality-wise that remains readable in various environments it doesn't fade away in the sun at that, all thanks to the mirror underlayer.

On balance, the E72 packs in a likable display and we are pretty much content with it. It can accommodate up to 8 text and 3 service lines with some modes allowing for up to 14 text lines. One would think that Nokia would utilize the same kind of keypad in the E72 as in the E71, but instead they opted to run with the Nokia E63's thumbboard, as some users consider it the most comfortable of the two.

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Although my opinion is that it's more about personal preferences and experience - I can't find anything to complain about with either of them. Now let's take a closer look at what has been changed. First and foremost, the bottom row has been expanded with two new buttons, meaning that the E72 is very close to the E63 in terms of thumbboard layout. At the same time, the E72's casing width and button shape are identical to those of the E71 - they are a tad bigger and higher , which should make for better experience. All buttons are lit in white.

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Now for the functional buttons. The E72's trademark feature is a 4-button setup including the Menu button that allows for one-click access to the calendar, phonebook and mail applications. On top of that there are actually two ways to press each of these keys - long-press and a short click. This way, with a short press you will jump into the phonebook's general list of entries, the mailbox or monthly view of calendar.

However when you tap and hold these keys, you will be able to create a new contact, entry in calendar or email. Punching these keys one more time will get you back to the main menu. The E72's navigation button is pretty comfortable to use; also it has a service LED built inside. The good thing about it is that it is fully customizable - you can setup event notifications and other options. Unfortunately there is no way to disable it during night time since it glows a little too bright in the dark.

One of the novelties found in the E72 is the optical joystick built into the OK button - many Samsung-branded phones used a similar solution, although it wasn't particularly handy because of how many misclicks it allowed. Unfortunately, the E72 isn't much better. But, it is possible to get used to it, plus this joystick is what one can only wish for when it comes to web surfing.

In my opinion, one of the E72's drawbacks is that it doesn't allow the user to disable this joystick everywhere but in browser and certain applications, as it's definitely useless for menu browsing. We decided to compare how E72 fared against it fellow sibling in terms of texting speed. So, we offered ten people to type the same phrase in two languages and then compared speed and number of errors although on this front it was a draw, so we omitted this parameter from the chart. No surprises there - the results were exactly what we had expected.

The E71 and E72 offer comparable texting speed, and the difference came down to tenths of a second. While some commented about the E71 having worse tactile feedback, I'd say this was due to their lack of experience with its thumbboard. The E72 is rated for Music time - up to It takes the E72 around 1.

Basically, with average use you will get a minimum of 4 days of use out of it.

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What else can we say - the E72 is unmatched on this front; what's more, despite sharing the same battery type, the E72 improves upon the E71's performance by percent not only thanks to its smaller display but also some software enhancements. The device comes equipped with Mb of RAM, after first launch you will get around 70 Mb of free memory at your disposal, which is enough for running a dozen applications and browsing "heavy" web-pages - the word "slow-down" is definitely not in the E72's vocabulary.

The E72 deals with microSD memory cards hot-swappable , the phone comes packaged with a 4Gb unit. There are no restrictions as far as memory card's size is concerned - our handset easily identified a 32Gb card. I used to speak favorably of the Nokia E71 for its speedy interface and various improvements over the Nokia E61i, and now it's time for another round of praise. In fact, you don't even need to know this, as the effects of this upgrade can be seen everywhere in the phone.

The phone comes with Bluetooth v2. The following profiles are supported:. Although, it boasts the WiFi Wizard, which can search and tap into available networks in the background mode. Focusing in done with the help of the optical joystick. There are other resolutions as well:. It takes the E72 around seconds to save a shot in any of the above resolutions if you have enabled the after-shoot view. Or seconds in case you are ready to take another snap right after that in the latter case all images are saved from the buffer. Since you can apply just the same overlays and effects in any graphics editor, using them while shooting is probably not the best idea.

Exposure compensation. This feature comes in handy in some specific environments, where it makes for considerably better and sharper shots. White balance. The E72's auto white balance does a pretty good job on its own, but if you feel the need to play around with settings, there are Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent available as well. Video recording. When recording video with E72, there are considerably fewer settings, than in the still image mode.

There is a software image stabilizer that was first introduced in the Nokia N There are only two shooting modes - auto or night mode. Maximum resolution - x pixels mpeg4 , you can also mute sound, although there is no way you can adjust the E72's FPS, which is locked at The handset allows recording videos until you run out of free memory.

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As far as software is concerned, the E72 is almost no different from the E It comes packaged with Lotus Traveler, which many enterprise users will find quite useful. The ESeries devices have always been worlds apart from other Spowered devices in the way of software. The E72 is next to identical to the Nokia E71 in terms of core features, but it also packs in a whole lot of small enhancements, which are pretty difficult to spot for those who have never used Nokia's Eseries before.

Let's run through all major changes in the standard functionality - if you want to learn more about the core functionality of the Eseries, read our dedicated article on the FP2 linked below. S60 Feature Pack 2 software. The phone utilizes Nokia Mail version 2. But in reality there are other details that are worth talking about. The mail wizard will take your though all necessary steps required to setup a new account. In case you use a well-known service, such as Gmail or Yahoo, all you'll need to do is enter your mail address and password - and that's it, you're all set.

When connected to your mail box, the E72 shows a matching splash screen as well as a special icon in the top right. Unfortunately, there are no other indicators in this client such as the number of letters or delivery process , nor does it allow the user to upload only selected entries. But while it may seem ascetic, this mail client is still superior to that found in other Nokia-branded phones. The default feature pack is nothing to write home about. One thing of note, though, is that all links now have the Play icon next to them, allowing the user to open them in a new window or use Intranet.

But the most interesting thing about it is how this client handles html. These letters get opened in a new window, using the browser's engine and that's the point where all the trouble with character encodings other than Unicode being. For example the standby screen shows latest letters and first lines picked out of them.

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Letters in Russian, as a rule, are displayed correctly, but there is a chance that it'll get twisted in the html view and vice versa. Unfortunately Nokia haven't done their homework and haven't solved their old localization problems. Many applications and features suffer from poor translation and character encoding issues. For example this mail client doesn't allow to pick character encoding, which is a huge drawback for many regions utilizing non-Latin alphabets. Online mail services work in an even more twisted way on the E72 - for example, if you open a letter in html via Gmail, you won't notice anything out of the ordinary, same goes for previewing it in the mail client; but as soon as you open this letter in the browser as html, the character encoding will crumple.

But while they are very handy, other apps found in the E72 lack this feature, which is a pity. For example, one would expect to find them in the organizer, but there are none. But unfortunately, the above-mentioned drawbacks will probably make you not want to employ it as you main mail client, especially if you're a sophisticated user.

Had it not been for all the hype Nokia created around this client, I wouldn't have anything against it, but in all honestly, they should have come up with something more interesting for enterprise users. Apart from that the E72 boats Push-esque functionality when the service automatically checks for new mail and sends it to your phone - while one could argue that the way it's implemented in the E72 is far from ideal, the ordinary consumer will be more than happy with this feat.

The desktop mode has been revamped a little - now at the bottom there are three icons standing for missed calls, messages and voice mail. If there are no events at hand, the corresponding icon will vanish. Clicking on each thumbnail will make a pop-up with extra information appear on the screen. Compared to the E71, the setup found in the E72 is somewhat different: There is also an option to tack up to 14 apps on to the desktop, which is extremely handy - add two Mode screens and the number of applications you can have at your fingertips gets even bigger.

In a nutshell, it's a mobile version of the latest PC craze - virtual desktops.

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And then you can swap between them in one touch, so that it's always easy to jump between your setup for work with mail and notifications brought up on the main screen and the home setup with a different theme applied without your company's logo or colors and player controls lined up on the screen instead of email notifications. Buyers Note: I hope you can understand. Thank You! Your email. Your question Note: HTML is not translated! Contains Include: The price of the product includes GST. The pictures for this product are for information purposes. Depending on your monitor, colors may differ from the real color.

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